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Pregnancy week 28

It’s been a couple weeks sense I posted. My midwife came over and we got some answers but things have been so crazy that I haven’t posted the news. Drum roll please…It’s NOT twins. There is only one baby cookin in there. However, the reason I’m so big is because I have a lot of amniotic fluid which is making me measure bigger.

I’ve tried to look up info on it but there isn’t a lot to go on. Only 1% get this. There are a few reasons you can end up with more fluid, but 65% end up with more fluid for now reason at all and baby is totally find. The reasons you can have more fluid are if you are having multiple babies, and/or have gestational diabetes, both of which I don’t have. The other reasons are more scary. If the baby has down or if there are birth defects, both of which would have been picked up by the ultrasound. So, out of this 1% I fall into the 65% that just has more fluid for no reason. Good times.

The one this that does concern me is that with all the extra fluid I can get what’s called cord prolapse. This is when after my water breaks and floods the room, the cord gets under the baby and tries to come out first. In many cases this calls for an emergency C-section.The thought of tis makes me sick to my stomach. I know people have them all the time but the thought of being cut open totally freaks me out. Just thinking about it now I’m feeling sick and feel like crying.

My midwife reassured me that most times everything is fine so not to worry. Easier said then done. haha There are things that can be done if the cord does prolapse that can be tried before a C-section but I’ll spare you the details.

The other info I found was that it’s common for people to go into preterm labor and end up on bed rest. I’m totally fine going into labor early, who wouldn’t be, right? As long as I’m in the save zone. But bed rest can’t happen. Not this time around. We don’t even know If we’ll have our own place when the baby is born and Dean will still be on a weight restriction, so yeah, no bed rest for me. This baby, and my body better behave!

Have you ever had a C-section? Did you ever have too much fluid that caused problems?