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School and Cabin Fever

Keeping school going this time of year is hard. Very hard. Everyone seems to have a short fuse, no one can concentrate for more then 5 seconds, and wanting to make excuses to take yet another day off is more appealing by the minute.

So, how do we manage? Sometimes, we don’t. Plain and simple. Sometimes we just take the day off and play board games and watch TV. Whichever one doesn’t start fights at that time. Or we do both at the same time to accommodate for all the ages of kids and there “needs” at the time. Am I thrilled that I use the TV to keep the chaos down? Yes and no. I don’t like having the TV as a fall back plan but sometimes it’s needed, and I’m ok with that. As long as it doesn’t become a TV marathon for the next month, yes, watch your show and give me a moment to catch my breath.

But what happens when it seems you’ve tried everything but to lock the kids outside in -50 below because you want to ring there necks? Because no one is allowed to breath without someone getting so ticked off by the sounds that they punch the breather in the face? Yet, sometimes I’m the one wanting to punch them. lol Don’t judge, you’ve been there too.

Right now we are in the mist of the horrid cabin fever stage. We have had an abnormally long and bitter cold winter. Normally cabin fever for us doesn’t kick in until mid to end of Feb. This year it started in…December. Ugg!

Our trick, Dum Dum suckers. Yep, we bribe them with candy. 😀 A while back I scored a huge bucket of Dum Dums for 5 bucks. And huge I mean 1000 suckers! Because they are small I don’t feel guilty giving the kids a few through out the day to get their school and chores done without nit picking each other and grumbling. Whatever works right? Sometimes, yes, just trying to survive this crazy winter and if Dum Dum suckers is the trick then so be it.

We now have extra stress with planning a move in the next couple months and not knowing where we are going. Trying to focus with this kind of stress can be a little much. especially because this is the second time we have been faced with moving and not having a place to move to. However, that is the joy of homeschooling. We are going to work hard these next couple months and probable take a chunk of time off when we move.

How do you handle cabin fever with our family?