Running Recap (Nov 10th-Nov 16th)

This week wasn’t very good. At the beginning of the week one of the kids started to not feel well and it is slowing making it’s rounds though the household. I have been feeling run down all week. I’m hoping next week goes a little better…

Not much to report on this week. My long run was slow goings. I really didn’t want to run but after two unscheduled lazy days I made myself got out the door. I had to walk every mile or so to catch my breath. My stomach would randomly cramp up and I almost threw up a few times. BUT I got my run in. I felt pretty good after the run but I think it was mostly just from getting some fresh air, not the actual exercise. haha Here’s to hoping next week is better.

Do you run through colds/flus, or do you take the time off to recover?

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Abs, arms, and 30 min walk

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: Abs, legs, and 4 mile run

Thursday: nothing

Friday: nothing again

Saturday: 9 mile run

Total miles: 13 miles


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