Running Recap (Oct 28th – Nov 2nd) and My First Long Run I Couldn’t Finish

After last weeks 8 miler from hell I was hoping things had gotten better. No such luck. My 11 mile long run today ended in a split run of 8 miles and 1 mile at home.

It seems my body can handle 5 miles well, but not much after that. It’s frustrating really. Sense I bonked a few weeks ago my hip hasn’t been the same and longer runs are becoming really painful. Today I made it 8 miles and then I had to have Dean pick me up. I stretched a bit and was feeling better so I decided to try to finish the 3 miles. I made it 1. 😦 I have rain through shin splints, and an MCL aggravation, possible sprain, and now this. This is a whole new pain. It literally feels like my hip will shatter at any moment. My recovery time is the same, one to two days rest, but my hip pain flairs up around that 5 mile mark regardless of how good my legs feel before a run. With only a month to go for my half, 5 miles is the average run. I really want to meet my goal but I’m coming to terms with the possibility of it not happening. Some things you just can’t run though and I don’t want to break my hip and chance not being able to run in the future. I know I’ll one day ran a half,  a full marathon, and with any luck a 50 mile ultra marathon, but obviously not on MY time schedule. lol

I’m going to not push back my half and just stick to my training schedule and see how it plays out. I might have to push it back but I’m going to take it one week at a time. Still hoping to finish my half before the year is over.

How do you mentally handle your training when it doesn’t go as planned?

Monday: none

Tuesday: 6 miles and abs

Wednesday: 35 min walk

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: 30 min walk, arms, and abs

Saturday: 9 miles

Total Miles run: 19 miles


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