No Sugars Update

I though I posted this one already. Oops, So for anyone that cares about my crazy diet update, here ya go.

It’s been three week with no coffee and no sugars. It’s starting to get a bit easier but I still really want to eat the sweets. That’s always been my weakness. I miss coffee but it’s been ok without it as far as the withdrawals because I can drink tea. Not the greatest but it keeps the headaches away so I’ll take it.

I found out some interesting info on the whole no sugars thing. It’s not just that I’m intolerant to sugars but I have Candida something or other. That’s the medical term 🙂 From what I understand it’s a bad bacteria that feeds off sugars. The only way to get ride of this bacteria is to starve it out with NO sugars. This takes three to six months! Some of the symptoms of Candida something or other is depression, chronic fatigue, add and adhd symptoms, food allergies, brain fog, irritability, body pain, and many more. The ones I listed are ones I have almost all the time. To know that I just need to cut out sugars for a few months and I could get rid of many of these is wonderful news.

The good news is I’ll be able to have sugars again, one day. haha Once the bacteria is killed off I can start adding sugars back into my diet. Hopefully I won’t go crazy with sugar at that point and bring the candida back, which can happen if I over load on sugars.

More good news! Dean found some pills that will kill of the Candida in a month. Bad news, I tried to order then and the company never sent them to me. Thank God I went through Amazon so I didn’t get screwed over. Even more good news…Dean has looked up and found some natural ways to get ride of this thing. Cinnamon oil, coconut oil, and garlic are a few of the things he found that kill off Candida within a couple weeks! I have been taking 4 TBSP of coconut oil for the last couple days and will keep this up until I get the cinnamon oil. A few drops of oil sounds much nicer then 4 TBSP of oil. lol It hasn’t been that bad really because I add it to popcorn, so I have really greasy popcorn and the oil doesn’t really have a taste.

I should be good to go by Thanksgiving. That’s the best news of all.

My goal at that point will be to add sugars back in slowly and of course keep many sugars out completely. Not adding sugar into my tea, keep away from sodas, and sweets, however, I’ll be happy to have some bread.


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