Running Recap (Oct. 21st-26th)

I was only able to run twice this week do to needing a couple extra days to recover from my 10 miler on Sunday. So now my half is pushed back again. I’m trying to be ok with this. I thank God I didn’t put money into a race that I wouldn’t have been ready for. I’m determined to run a half before the snow in on the ground. I want to run my first half outside and the weather is getting colder. I like running in cold weather but I’ve never ran in the really cold air before. I will run my half before the year is out. I WILL!

I’ve still be pretty lazy with my cross training. I am giving myself the rest of this month to not sweat it and exercise if I feel like it but not care I if I don’t. However, November and December I’m kicking it into high gear. I want to finish the year strong. My goal was to be down to 135lbs my the new year but I’m not going to make that. I knew it was a big goal so I’m ok with not making it. I would like to be down to 150lb though. Still a big goal but if I work hard and stick to this horrid no sugar/carbs diet I think I can pull it off.

Sense starting this diet I haven’t binged/purged at all. In fact, the last time I did was September 25th. I did binge a few times right before the start of the diet but I kept it down. I still struggle with the mental side of disordered eating but I guess not acting on them is a pretty big step in getting better. I feel like I’m swinging the other way and finding it easier to restrict and I find myself talking to myself at meals. “It’s ok to eat this, it’s really not that much,” and so on. It’s funny how I can suffer from both extremes at the same time. One minute I’m having trouble eating a salad and the next I want to eat everything in sight. Maybe one day I’ll be able to look at food and not think anything. That will be a wonderful day.

Monday: Abs and legs

Tuesday: Abs

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: Abs, legs, and 4 miles

Friday: nothing

Saturday: 8 miles

Total miles: 12 miles


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