Running Recap (Oct 13th-20th) and My First Double Digit Run

This has been a pretty good week. I didn’t do as much strength as I’d have liked but I’ve been  lazy and I’m ok with that.  🙂 I ran my first ever double digit run today! 10 miles! It was a great run in the snow.

I was a bit nervous running so far from home on my long run because my body is still adjusting to my new diet, but I did good. No accidents, aka, I didn’t crap my pants miles from home. lol. The first five miles were great, I felt strong and light. At the five mile mark I turned and headed for home and my legs started to hurt. I decided to eat my Larabar at that point and hoped my legs would stop hurting, and that the bar wouldn’t make my guts start moving. For the next two miles all was good. Guts were fine and I could tune out the leg pain. By mile seven I knew I wasn’t going to poo myself but the pain in my legs was getting worse. By mile 8 my legs throbbed with pain and it took everything I had to not walk the rest of the way home.

My montra was, “one foot in front of the other, don’t think about anything else, you can’t stop this close to home.” It’s an amazing feeling pushing thought when you think you have nothing left. My first 10 miles, a shower, and some time off my feet, and all I can complain about now is a sore ankle. Not bad!

Total miles for the week:

Monday: None

Tuesday: 5 miles and leg exercises

Wednesday: none

Thursday: 3 miles and arms and abs

Friday: none

Saturday: none

Sunday: 10 miles

Total miles: 18 miles!

How was your week of running?


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