ALCAT Test and Sad Diet Changes

I recently had an ALCAT test done and found out some sad news. Before I tell you me sad news I’ll tell you what this test is. An ALCAT test is a test similar to an allergy test, but it test for sensitivities rather then full on allergies. It’s a simple blood test and they test for sensitivities with foods, molds, herbs, misc, and meds.

They divide the results into severe, moderate, mild, and safe categories. Anything in the severe and moderate categories should be avoided for six months. SIX MONTHS! After six months you can slowly add back in those foods and see how you react to them. If you have a reaction, wither it is with a rash, stuffy nose, upset stomach, or whatever, you know you still have a sensitivity to it and should continue to avoid that food.

Here is where my bad news comes it. And when I say bad, I mean absolutely tragic. Coffee is on my severe list!!! How can this be?! I’m fine not having rice or spinach for six months but how on earth am I going to go that long without my sweet precious coffee? Waking up to a hot cup of tea really doesn’t do it for me…At all! haha The other bad news, which I should take as good news and embrace this opportunity, is that in my moderate list was every kind of sugar. Cane, maple, beet, honey, and HFCS. This greatly reduces what I can eat as there is sugar and HFCS in EVERYTHING. According to my safe list I can have some fruits with HFCS so I’m guessing its only the natural sugars that are ok. Everything else is off limits.

I know I should embrace this and look at it as a great time to get into better eating habits but this really sucks.  I have survived almost 5 full days of no coffee and sugars and I thought I was going to get out of a big chunk of the withdrawals, but it seems they were just delayed. I woke up to a killer headache today. I haven’t gone ape shit crazy not having all the sugars yet so I’m praying I don’t get hit with too much of that.  They said withdrawals can last up to a couple weeks. I’m hoping that after that, if I make it to that point, that it all becomes much easier. The past couple days haven’t been too bad, but I have been a bit depressed morning the loss of my coffee. I love coffee… so much… now I feel like crying…lol just kidding, but I really am missing my coffee, and I might cry about it in the future. 🙂

*A few hours later…Now I’m ape shit crazy. what an evening. I think the sugar withdrawals are in full swing. Oh my goodness I’m crabby…

Have you ever had this test done, or a similar test? What foods are you sensitive or allergic to? Do you avoid them or say “to heck with it” and have them anyway?


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