Running Recap (Sep 8th-14th) and past transformation picture

This week was ok. Could have done more but I enjoyed my laziness.

I’m working on making 4 miles my average in stead of 3. My last two 4 mile runs were great. I love when I ran and feel fast and strong. Saturday was my “long” run at 5 miles. I’ll be doing 4 to 5 miles the rest of the month and if my shins and knee do good with that I’ll start adding a mile on to my long runs every Saturday. I’m really hoping I’ve given myself enough time to heal so I can really start putting on the miles. I’ve mapped out another schedule and if all goes well I’ll be running my half November 23rd. I’m going to slow my training down to only running three times a week and see how things go with that. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday was my first 5 mile run in a month. It was a great run. I felt like I was a little slow but I was ok with that. I was hoping I would run it in under and hour and my time was 59 mins 59.43 sec! Even with feeling slower then normal it was a nice relaxing run. Running in cooler weather helps a lot I think. My knee is a little sore this morning but I’m praying it will be fine by the end of the day. I really want to move past the four mile mark.

As for my strength training…I haven’t been doing as much the last couple weeks but I’m doing more reps and adding weight on to the dumb bells. I’m up to 300 to 500 crunches a day and I’ve doubled and added weight onto all the arm exercises I’m doing. I also started some leg exercises. I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation that takes place the next few months.

With 60lbs down I’m thinking of taking a few progress pics again. Four years ago this was my transformation. I had

200lbs to 147!

200lbs to 147!

already lost 30lbs before the first picture was taken. I’ve yo-yoed with my weight with having two more kids sense then but I am determined to get back in shape and STAY there! I never thought I’d post these pictures again. Ekk! It’s hard to believe that only four years ago I was that tiny, or that I had gotten SO big. Ick! On the plus side I’m in better shape so I’m carrying my weight a little nicer now. My 190 frame doesn’t look anything like that 200lb pic. Thank God! haha Here’s to one day getting back down to the 140s.

Monday: 4 mile walk/run

Tuesday: Strength

Wednesday: 4 mile run and strength

Saturday: 5 mile run

Total miles: 13 miles


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