Running Recap (Sep 1st-7th)

I ran three times this week and it was so nice. After taking almost all of last month off it felt great to get some miles in this week. Granted it wasn’t that many miles but it was more then I’ve done in a while.

I’ve had a harder time staying on the strength training this week. Mostly feeling lazy and just not wanting to exercise. I’m guessing the hot weather is playing a part. Hopefully next week will be better.

As for my weight loss I’m down 14.? from last month. I don’t know how I lost so much last month with hardly running but I’ll take it. And YES, it was healthy weight loss. I still binged a couple times but I kept it down, which has been the hardest part for me. The binges are fewer and I’m doing good with portions at meal times. Hoping this is a sign of things getting better.

I’m down 60lbs sense Lizzeth was born 8 months ago. Only 40lbs to go until I’m in the healthy weight zone again.

Sunday – Strength

Monday – 1 mile run and ab work

Thursday – 3 mile walk/run and ab work

Friday – Strength

Saturday – 4 mile walk/run and strength

Total Miles: 8 miles


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