Our 2013/2014 Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule changes with the seasons some but it’s always nice to go over it every once in awhile and make sure it’s either still working or make some changes.

At the “beginning” of our school year Dean and I always sit down and make the appropriate changes to match up with school and daily life. I then post it were the kids can see it easily so they also know what is going on through out the day. Some need this more the others and it works well for us. This also helps the ones that need the extra structure to know what is coming up next and can prepare for the next thing. I have a couple kids that really need that time to transition from one activity to the next and without that time all heck can break lose.

I am the queen of charts and schedules. This year I have made or revised a chart/schedule for gym class, chores, showers, yes, we have a shower schedule, don’t laugh 😛 Were was I, oh yes, a schedule for meals for the rest of the year, meal helper schedule, puppy helper schedule, and  movie night with mom schedule. I think I got them all. Dean use to tease me about all my charts and planning but now if we don’t have one for something that comes up he asks me to make one up. haha  The kids have even asked for them or try to make their own daily schedules.

Here is how our days will be looking for awhile…

5:30am – Dean and I wake up

6:30am – Kids wake up call

7:00am – Catechism and Bible

7:30am – Breakfast

8:00am – Chores and showers

9:00am – School

10:30am – Start lunch

11:00am – Lunch

11:30am – Chores and finish up school

12:30/1:00pm – Quiet time/free time

2:00pm – Free time

4:00pm – Start supper and chores

5:00pm – Supper

5:30/5:45pm – Supper clean up and chores

6:00pm – Free time

7:30pm – Get ready for bed (bathroom and brush teeth)

8:00pm – Bed time

8:30pm – Lights out

10:00pm – Lights out for Dean and I

How do you structure your school days?


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