Running Recap (Aug 18th-24th)

It’s been almost two weeks sense I’ve ran and I’m feeling a bit batty. The last time I ran was Aug 10th. I did 6 miles at a walk/run and it was awesome, but my legs killed afterward. I finally came to terms with waiting out my leg injuries and focus on strength training.

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions. Knowing I had to push back my half marathon date was overwhelming to me but then I had to stop running all together. I wanted to quit, completely give up, throw in the towel and not run ever again. I was angry at myself for “failing” and mad that my legs were stupid. After my couple days of a temper tantram  and pitty party I got my head back on and mad a new plan. I needed to replace my running with something so I decided to focus on core and arm strength.

I have been doing this video for my arms and doing the ab ripper by Power 90. The arm video is only 10 minutes and the ab ripper is 6 minutes. Super easy workouts in only a few minutes. That’s my kind of work out. After only 6 sessions I have noticed a difference in my arm strength and I’ve lost a inch off my waste! woot woot!

Today, (Thursday) I ran for the first time sense the 10th. I was a little nervous that  I wasn’t going to get far before the pain kicked in and I’d have to head home…but the pain never came. I ran 2 miles doing  very easy interval running and simply hoped I could do the whole half hour. I gotta say, I kicked those two miles in the pants. My speed increased and I felt strong in my form. I wanted to keep going but I made myself stop at the two mile mark. I will also be forcing myself not to run tomorrow. Yes, forcing myself NOT to run. Some days not running drives me crazy.

…Yesterday went well. Not running was good and it gave my legs time to rest as they were a little sore from the Thursday. Today I feel good but with the 90 degree weekend I’m planning to wait it out and run on Monday. I’ll be doing my strength training and be ok with that.

Happy weekend everyone!


One thought on “Running Recap (Aug 18th-24th)

  1. I’m glad you found a strength training workout you like! When my body is getting burnt out on running, that has been one of the best fixes – strength training & yoga. Keep kicking butt! … and it’s going to be 90 this weekend?! I thought we lived in the north. Since when does it get this hot!?

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