Running Recap (July 29th-Aug 4th)

This week was good. Despite my shin splint flare up I’m still happy with how my training is going. I took Monday off because I did my long run on Sunday. I ran three miles Tuesday and set a PR. Sooooo happy! It was taking me about 37ish minutes to run three miles but Tuesday it took me 33.51 minutes! I really pushed myself and focused on speed because I wanted to see where I was at. Then…shin splint flare up. Go figure.

I tried running my three miles Wednesday but my legs would not have it. My legs kind of hurt before my run but I planned to just do an easy run and be ok with that. I got a mile in and knew I couldn’t finish. My legs felt like they were on fire. Luckily Emry was with so I sent him to get Dean. I walked as much as I could back home but ended up sitting on the side of the road trying not to cry because of the pain. For the rest of the night Dean made me sit with my legs up with ice on them.

Friday was a good three mile run. I was still a little sore but it wasn’t bad. Saturday my legs were not ready for a long run so I took the day off. I’m realizing that I need to tweak my running schedule and be ok with maybe only running three times a week until my legs are better.

My long run was ok. I did it, but I hurt almost the whole time and I felt tired and weak. I didn’t get into a grove and couldn’t just tune out like normal. I had to talk my way through most of the miles. But hey, I did it! 8 miles!

Another thing I discovered  with this long run is that one cup of cream and sugar coffee will not fuel me. lol For three or four miles it’s fine but I need to start eating breakfast at least on the morning of my long run.

What do you do when you have to tweak your training schedule?

Do you run through injuries/or other running pain or wait them out?

Total miles for the week:

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 1 mile

Friday: 3 miles

Sunday: 8 miles

Total: 15 miles


5 thoughts on “Running Recap (July 29th-Aug 4th)

  1. Whether I run through an injury or not really depends on the injury… sometimes trying to tough it out just prolongs or worsens the injury 😦 Hope your body is healing up and you’re doing well! I’m glad you’re starting to eat breakfast before long runs now. A peanut butter & banana sandwich pre-long run has to be my favorite, or waffles!

    • You’ll get there. I started out doing 5Ks over 40 minutes. Just keep running and the speed will come. How long have you been running?

  2. Hey Elizabeth, I thought I’d try to catch you here. You had left a comment on my blog about having some TLP curriculum you aren’t planning to use and I sent you a couple emails, but I’m wondering if they haven’t landed in your spam box. Anyway, I’m getting ready to place an order with TLP and thought I’d check with you regarding the workbooks. Thanks for the offer!

    • I did not get any emails so they must have ended up in the spam folder and I never check that. I’m so sorry I missed them. I thought you weren’t interested so I started asking around and found someone that could use them. I’m so sorry. I feel like a jerk 😦 Please forgive my impatience.

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