Running Recap (July 22-28th) and completing more goals!

This week has been very good. On Monday, after almost two weeks off, I went for a run and it was wonderful.  I thought it was going to be really hard but it turns out I’m in much better shape then I thought. It was very encouraging after having a couple emotional weeks of running and feeling like my body was out to get me. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday were all walk/run days and they were all great. I felt light and strong and the three mile runs all seemed pretty easy.

Saturday I did not do my long run because I was feeling lazy and tired. Friday the kids and I went to a friends place for a cookout and got home late. Saturday we were all up early and headed out for another get together about an hour from our place. By the time we got home I was so tired I crashed on the couch for an hour but couldn’t really wake up the rest of the night.

So, with that said, I still have 7.5 miles to run today. Once the kids are fed and I’ve had my coffee I will be out the door for my longest run to date. In my 4 years of running off and on I’ve never run more then 6 miles. I’m nervous and excited to see if I’ll be able to do this. My 3 mile runs have gotten pretty easy. This is really encouraging but it’s my comfort zone. I am now at the point in my training that every week will pull me a little bit farther out of that zone and I don’t care for that. haha Well, here I go…..

I did it! My legs hurt and my feet throb like crazy but I met my goal! My almost 9 year old biked along with me and even joined me in running for about a mile and a half. I kept a good pace, for me that is, 4.7-5 miles per hour. It wasn’t until the last mile and a half to two miles that I started to slow down. I got a side stitch that I ran with the last couple miles too which was not fun. I slowed down to about 4 miles an hour at that point. I was also able to hold a conversation with my son most of the time which tells me my lungs are getting stronger. Yea! Dean met up with us a few miles from home and cheered me on which was nice. I really needed it toward the end. My time…1:35.40! I’m very happy with that time. Goals met. I did my 10K and 12K at the same time.

What are your running plans for the coming week?

This is how my last week looked. Only 7 weeks of training left! Eek!

Monday-walk/run 3 miles

Tuesday-walk/run 3 miles

Thursday-walk/run 3 miles


Total miles: 16.5 miles


3 thoughts on “Running Recap (July 22-28th) and completing more goals!

    • Yeah, I’m trying not to think about how close my half is. I feel so unprepared. Do you ever feel ready though?

      • Personally, I never feel prepared! Before a race I usually think “what on earth did I get myself into… again”, then the race feels good (for the most part!), and, at the finish line, I just think “I want to do that again!”

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