Summer Break is Almost Here

Four days until our summer break starts! I’m just as ready as the kids for the break. We have taken more days off these last three months then I had planned but holidays and nice weather can do that to a homeschool family. I’m ok with that.

It’s funny, we are finishing up our sixth year and I still don’t feel like I have this down. Maybe I never will and that’s totally normal. I don’t know. The new challenge I faced this year was incorporating Kurtis, Wyatt, and Tirzah into the school day. Kurtis is the only one I feel really needs to start “school” while the others still are in the pre school playing kinda thing. However, THEY are not ok with that so they are asking everyday to do school. I LOVE that they want to be learning with the others but they are stuck at the moment. There are at a point were they want to learn but their mind is not letting anymore info in and their hand eye coordination has not developed. Leaving them feeling frustrated and left out. This has made for some frustrating days. I don’t stressed over this anymore, as they are only 4 and 5.

I have stressed about this in the past though. Mostly when I start reading other homeschool blogs and they talk about how their 3 year old is reading on their own (self taught of course), knows how to point out everything on  globe, can write complete sentences, and is doing 5th grade math. I know I’m not suppose to compare, but when all you read is how other homeschool kids are so much more advanced you feel like you are failing your kids because so-and-so is doing this and that.

This is when I have to remind myself of a few things. 1. Is this an only child? It’s not uncommon for a family to really take off with their education if there is only one or two kids. They have A LOT of time to focus on the kids. 2. Maybe that child is gifted and the parent wants to put a good spin on how great homeschooling is so they talk about their one out of ten kids that is gifted making it look like all the kids are super brainiacs, when in truth the rest of the kids are right on track for their grade level. ( I know how this can be tempting as we have a gifted 8 year old…But I will brag about him another time.)  🙂 3. Maybe they are lying. Yes I went there. As homeschoolers we have a lot of outside pressure to be perfect. One of the first things people think of when they hear “homeschooling” is super smart kids. This really bugs me. Just because people homeschool does not mean all their kids are running at genius levels. Even being at a normal level can be looked down on in the homeschool world.

We have already done quite a bit this summer. Nothing super fancy, but we have hosted a couple of get togethers and have gone to a couple family events. Between the 4th of July and birthday parties we’re ready for a break…from everything. lol We have a couple more events to attend today and tomorrow and then we are staying home for awhile.

Plans for the month of August? Not sure yet. I’m hoping for a whole lot of nothing. I’ll have to take a week to get fall classes prepped but other then that I don’t think anything is on the calendar. The kids will complain they are bored, Dean will be doing more resting, (still waiting on surgery) and I’ll be kicking my half marathon training into high gear. We hope to have some families over during the month but we have decided to stop hosting big events. We always have a crummy turn out and I put a lot of work into them only to be disappointed that on one shows up. This is not to say I wouldn’t put a lot of effort into those friends and family that have shown up, but when you plan for 40 and 4 show up, yeah, that’s a disappointment.

So, for the next month we are simply going to enjoy each other and find things to do around the house. No commitments for the next month.

What do you have planned for the last month of summer?


One thought on “Summer Break is Almost Here

  1. I can’t even imagine how busy it would be to homeschool all the kids! We’re looking forward to coming over for lunch soon 🙂 My plan the end of the summer is to officially become a stay-at-home mom in 2 WEEKs! And that’s also when harvest starts, so won’t be seeing much of my husband :s

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