Running Recap (July 15-21st) and Other Things

Well, I didn’t run when I said I was going to. 😦 I ended up taking the whole time off  with today being my last rest day. I have had a ray of mixed feelings over the last week and a half. I have enjoyed the break but I have also hated it.

I loved not getting up at the butt crack of dawn to run half a sleep. I have loved not having the birds fly over my head giving me warning chirps of an impending attack, yes, this happens EVERY morning. If I run during the day or with others they do not do this. I hate birds and they hate me.

I hate that laziness sets in so fast. I did nothing for the last week and a half…NOTHING. I hate that every other day I have hurt myself in one way or another to the point I thought it would set my running back even farther. I have never been accident prone but this last week I have been getting to know what it’s like for those poop people. I hate how my eating has gotten completely out of control. With that follows depression, loneliness, and despair.  I have been in self destruct mode. *Eat everything in sight, keeping it down and gaining weight because I’m a total loser… mode.*

I need to reset this week, but I’m so down on myself I know I’ll make an awesome plan, than totally not follow it at all. Making me feel worse than I already do…Not that I was working my last plan all that well, but it was better than what I’ve been doing as of late.

So, plan for resetting: Make a meal plan and stick to it! Ease back into running and try and figure out how to add in those extra miles that I lost. Not freak out that I’m 3 weeks behind schedule or that I have gained weight and that this month has been a total lose and I now hate the month of July.

Despite my crappy month, how has your July been going?

How do you reset when your plans completely fall apart?



3 thoughts on “Running Recap (July 15-21st) and Other Things

  1. I can relate to your bird issues. Canadian geese chased me off the sidewalk TWICE yesterday on my long run! I’m not sure what they would do when they caught me, but their hissing beaks and wing-flapping is intimidating! Birds are lame.

    When I’ve gotten off track in anything in life, I try to remember to give myself some grace. Mistakes are going to happen; don’t give up!

    • lol I’ve seen them attack before. They bite whatever they are after and beat the crap out if it with their wings. Glad you were able to get away from them. I would not be so lucky. haha Another reason to work on my speed. Wait…off the sidewalk? Where were you running?

      Grace, I know. Working on that one 🙂 Heading out for my run now.

      • I was running in town through the park by my house and along the riverwalk… those birds are everywhere (and they poop everywhere :s)! They did help add a speed interval into my long run because I definitely took off after that one came hissing after me 🙂 hehe. Hope your run went well!

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