Q and A with my Midwife

Lizzeth just a few hours old.

Lizzeth just a few hours old.

Look what I found! Oh goodness. I thought I had posted this one. I know it’s a bit late but there is good stuff in here so I’m posting it regardless. Enjoy!

After talking to friends and family about our decision to work with a midwife and have this baby at home, I’ve realized words like “home birth” and “midwife” raise a lot of concerns in most people. When I mention our plans, I can almost see the scene unfold in their mind. They picture me giving birth in a barn, the midwife going from delivering a calf to delivering my baby, and shoving a piece of rope in my mouth to bite down on when the contractions get really bad.

I appreciate the concerns people have, but most of the questions I’ve been asked don’t apply only to a midwife. They apply to any birthing choice. I wonder how many people ask their doctor these kinds of questions to make sure they’re qualified, or the situation is considered safe.

I’ve taken most of the questions I’ve been asked these 9 months and gave them to my midwife and asked if she’d be so kind as to answer them in her “spare Time”. I thought it would be fun to get her take on these, and hopefully put some people’s minds at ease.

1.How long have you been a midwife?
Almost 15 years ( a few months shy).
2.What kind of training do you receive to become a midwife?
The training that each midwife received, depends on the level their state requires, or if there are no strict requirements, the level the midwife chooses to go to. There are many different types of midwives,from direct entry all the way up to a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife).
3.How many baby’s have you delivered?
300 at this point 🙂
4.How many sets of twins of you delieved? I have helped with 1 set of twins at home, but have been involved with the pregnancies & births of several others. Most of the ones that did not deliver at home were because of coming too early, so it was not safe to stay home.

5.How many breach? And how do you handle a breech baby? Three. Keep my hands off & stay calm!

6.How many times have you had to send women to the hospital during labor?
7.Have you ever lost any babies or mothers?
Unfortunately yes on babies; 1 during my apprenticeship which was a still birth.
8.Have there ever been any complications?
Here is where I ask, ‘what do you consider a comlication?’ And what would YOU consider a complication? deviations from normal include ~Hemmorrhage, breech, twins, placenta abruption (letting go too soon) or previa (coming first/covering the cervix), etc.
9.What is the protocol if complications come up?
It totally depends on the complication, our distance from a hospital, if an ambulance is quicker, weather (we DO live in NW MN!!), etc.
10.What do you do if someone becomes dietetic during pregnancy? How do you know if this happens?
Testing, mom’s history, how she eats currently.
11.Why do you only do the urine sample test but no other tests?
We do other testing on a case by case basis, as needed & indicated.
12.If someone was interested in having a midwife but still was on the fence with it, what would you tell them to help them “make a decision?”
Watch the video “Business of Being Born” & feel free to contact me with any questions. 🙂
13.Are baby and myself safe in your care?
I certainly have your safety in mind & do my best to protect the health of mother & baby.
14.How do you monitor baby for low blood sugars for the first 24-48 hours? (with this question I wasn’t sure if she was talking about baby or mothers blood sugar) I am assuming she means baby???
Watching baby’s eating patterns, temperature, sleepiness, breathing.
15.How long do you stay with mother and baby after delivery?
Minimum of 2 hours, usually more like 3-4. There are several things that have to be ok before I leave. If there are ANY concerns I stay longer!
16.When do you check in with them after delivery?
Minimum visits are at 24 hrs, 2 weeks, & 6 weeks; with additional ones based on how mom & baby are doing. Available via phone 24/7.
17.What is the most difficult delivery you’ve handled?
Shoulder dystocia, followed by baby who needed resusitation, then hemorrhage of mom. I was thankful to have several helpers at that one!
18.What strength training exercises help with labor?
Squatting is probably the best one. Walking, swimming, & biking are also good.
19.What would you do if you feel it’s time to go to the hospital but the mother insists on staying home?
I will do my best to encourage mom to go, but the decision is ultimately the parents.

20.What do you think the number one misconception about midwifery/homebirthing is?

That it is dangerous.

If you have any other questions after reading this please feel free to ask. I know Rebekah will answer anythign other questions that come up.


4 thoughts on “Q and A with my Midwife

  1. Does your midwife deal with many premature births? Since my first one was born a month early, I wasn’t sure if she would even consider working with me. We’re thinking about baby #2 and the idea of working with a midwife this time has been in the back of my mind!

    Love the Q & A and Lizzeth’s adorable face, of course 🙂

    • I’m not sure but you can contact her on FB and ask her about it. I talked with her many times before I was even pregnant with Zeth. She is a super sweet lady and would love to talk with you.

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