Taking a Break

I will be taking a break from blogging for the next little while. Not by choice but a break non-the-less. I wanted to give a quick update on life up to this point and then I’ll be gone for a few months.

The past couple weeks have been crazy! Had a baby, the flu ran through our home, something mysterious thing is making my foot swell and be in lots of pain, I had a blood transfusion the other night, (yeah, that was fun) and now we have to disconnect our internet for a time to help cut costs to pay our bills while Dean’s hours are cut down to 32 hours per week.

While our lives take another turn in this overwhelming season, we will be cutting back on many “extras” such as…well, everything that’s not Dr. appointments and work. We are starting school back up on Monday, and hunkering down for the rest of winter in our happy little isolation bubble and making the best of this time. I am trying to see the good that can come out of this trail and praying God shows me he is still here guiding us even when I don’t feel his presence. I pray God continues to show us how he is providing even if it’s in ways I don’t care for. I always have my own picture of how things should play out and it pretty much never matches up with God’s plan and then I get upset and whiny. 🙂

When I come back I hope to catch up on all the half written blog posts of started that I now don’t have time to finish, and news that life has gotten a little better then it is now. I hope everyone has a wonderful winter and I will talk at ya later.

God bless!



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