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Taking a Break

I will be taking a break from blogging for the next little while. Not by choice but a break non-the-less. I wanted to give a quick update on life up to this point and then I’ll be gone for a few months.

The past couple weeks have been crazy! Had a baby, the flu ran through our home, something mysterious thing is making my foot swell and be in lots of pain, I had a blood transfusion the other night, (yeah, that was fun) and now we have to disconnect our internet for a time to help cut costs to pay our bills while Dean’s hours are cut down to 32 hours per week.

While our lives take another turn in this overwhelming season, we will be cutting back on many “extras” such as…well, everything that’s not Dr. appointments and work. We are starting school back up on Monday, and hunkering down for the rest of winter in our happy little isolation bubble and making the best of this time. I am trying to see the good that can come out of this trail and praying God shows me he is still here guiding us even when I don’t feel his presence. I pray God continues to show us how he is providing even if it’s in ways I don’t care for. I always have my own picture of how things should play out and it pretty much never matches up with God’s plan and then I get upset and whiny. 🙂

When I come back I hope to catch up on all the half written blog posts of started that I now don’t have time to finish, and news that life has gotten a little better then it is now. I hope everyone has a wonderful winter and I will talk at ya later.

God bless!



It’s A Girl! And A Baby Story

IMG_9853Lizzeth Danelle was born at home, at 3:30am Dec 29th, 2012. 9lbs 21 1/4 in long. After all the waiting for labor to start, once it did, she was not waiting around. 5 1/2 hours and she was out. She didn’t even wait for our midwife to get here!

Labor started at 10:00pm on the 28th. I had been having contractions off and on that whole day but didn’t think anything of it as I’d been having contractions for weeks. When I got into bed that night it was like a switch was flipped and with the first contraction I knew it was real labor. I figured I’d give it some time before I woke Dean to let him know, just incase I was just hoping it was real labor

IMG_9851and they stop right after I wake him up (not that this had ever happened before…).

After 45 minutes I knew it was the real thing so I woke up Dean to let him know, called Rebekah (the midwife), my mom, and sister to let them know labor had started. We then went back to bed and hoped we’d get some sleep as I knew I could labor all night. Dean was out within minutes and I was able to sleep in between each contraction. They stayed 10/12 minutes apart until 2:30. At 2:30 I decided to call Rebekah and have her head on over. I was still only contracting 10/12 minutes apart but they were lasting 2 to 2 1/2 minutes.

The second I hung up the phone I must have dilated to 10 because another switch was flipped and I was then contracting ever 2 minutes and they were about 3 minutes long. I got up to go to the bathroom and as I stood up I knew Rebekah was not going to make it, baby was coming NOW! Dean started getting things set up and worked on getting the pool up, (a water birth was our plan) while I crawled back into bed trying to

IMG_9866not freak out at the fact my body was doing changes so fast. Dean would come check on me every few minutes while I layed their randomly screaming in pain and pushing as I had the urge.

Around 3:00am my water broke and I felt her crowning. One of the most painful and creepy feelings in the world I might add. Dean abandoned the pool and came into the bedroom to seeing her head. lol The look on his face is burned into my brain for life. In the doorway he stood, looking at me, and said, “oh!” I’m not sure if I giggled at that moment but is sure is funny remembering it now.

Dean guided her out and placed her on me and we took the moment to catch our breath. She was perfect! We couldn’t have asked for an easier delivery. Rebekah got to the house just before 4:00am. Dean cut the cord and then clean up began…for them. haha Once things were cleaned up we did some paper work, got something to eat, and then got some rest before the other kids woke up.

IMG_9871It was so precious hearing the squeals of the kids’ excitement walking into the living room to their new baby sister. They had slept through the whole thing! I pray if we have more kids that things will go just as beautifully as this few hours went.