Clumsy Old Fart

The past few weeks have been really hard for me. Stress has been high, I’m not handling the stress well, trying to make it through school each day, and I’m always feeling behind these days.  All I see is this looming to-do list and nothing getting crossed off. Being goal driven, this is pretty much driving me insane!

Took another fall today, well, a half fall. I caught myself before slamming into our cement stairs while holding Shamus. I have never been this clumsy and I’m starting to think I shouldn’t hold Shamus until this baby is born. I’m in a lot of pain, worse than last time, but trying to work through it. I took a bath to try to relax my low back and in the process got stuck. Yep, got stuck on my back. Feel free to laugh, I did. 🙂  Once I was in the water and layed down, my back locked up and I couldn’t move. How awesome is that?! After I was able to get myself back up, I decided to just take a shower and get out. THEN, I almost fell in the shower. Seriously!! The heat did help my back a bit but I’m now just sitting and resting and NOT moving for a while.

Before my wonderful afternoon, the morning was going pretty smooth. I got up on time, made breakfast and made a few freezer breakfasts. Got treats done for tomorrow and dessert for the weekend, (Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies!) and got most of school done with the kids. Science went on hold do to my clumsiness.

It was refreshing to feel so motivated after the past few weeks. My bi-polar and depression took charge so I really was doing nothing for what felt like forever. It literally took everything I had to get out of bed and just survive each day. Breathing seemed to hard, and often was having unhealthy thoughts.

I know I didn’t post on week 35 and I haven’t posted a pic in a while but maybe next week. I’ve been so scattered lately that I literally just remembered I didn’t post on Tuesday. Well, I better get these kids going on their chores so Dean can come home to a clean house and then I think I’ll kick them outside as it is super nice out today. I know it’s not Friday be have a great weekend anyway. I’ll post again next week.


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