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Pregnancy: 32 weeks

Today has been insanely busy. I woke up to one of my boys asking to use the computer to start his school work. This was between 5:30 and 6:00! By the time I got out of bed at 6:30 I found 3 of the boys at the table, books everywhere, doing their school work. Talk about a proud mommy moment!

There is a certain amount of work that I lay out for them to do everyday, and for the most part they can do it when they want as long as it’s done by afternoon. Emry decided to do 4 days worth of work, Garrett did 3, and Mara did 2! I am blown away by how driven they have become to learn. I just love it! One thing I did learn with this is I end up with a lot more work. lol I felt like I was correcting school work all day long. Normally we are done with all school by 2ish. Today…4:30 and we started literally right after waking up. My brain is not made for all this! lol

In between working with the kids and daily meals I was able to fry up 10 pounds of ground beef and make a double batch of chili for the freezer. I also was able to enjoy a visit with a wonderful friend. Now, I am beat! I am so totally tired I don’t want to move the rest of the evening. sadly I don’t get to rest yet. Supper is soon and then evening cleanup, THEN I will get to be done for the day. Yay!

As for the coming week, it appears this next week things are slowing down. I am very excited about this. We have been going, going, and going, for so long I feel like screaming some days.

This past week I have been feeling pretty good. I’ve been getting up on time more often and getting a lot done during the day. The baby has been moving a lot lately also. It’s been fun to feel the baby moving so much but a down side to all the moving is it starts to hurt after a while. I don’t know if other ladies feel this way but some of these kicks and punches are starting to bruise my guts I think. lol Oh, I also have been having more contractions. About a dozen throughout the day, most days. It’s been nothing alarming but they are there and my body is in practice mode, which I am ok with. This will make labor easier 🙂

Here are some baby facts for week 32…

Baby weighs about 3.75 pounds  and is about 16.7 inches long

Baby will gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb.

She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz).

Her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up in preparation for birth.


Pregnancy: Week 31

I started this week off great! I got up “on time” and started breakfast and freezer breakfasts. Then I threw up. lol Yep, Good morning to me! I kinda saw it coming as I ran out of one of my meds yesterday and I always get sick the next day when I mess a dose, however, I don’t normally throw up because it of. Feeling icky all day, yes, not throwing up. I’m hoping I will feel better for the most part but I know I’ll need to take it easier than I planned to today. Getting up on time always puts me in a “get lots of stuff done” kinda mood.

I have been working on freezer meals for the past week and I’m happy to say I’ve gotten quite a few meals done. Granted, they are mostly breakfast meals, but I’m ok with that. So far I have 4 meals of oatmeal pancakes, 6 meals of plan pancakes, 5 meals of pumpkin spice french toast, and 2 1/2 meals of plain french toast done. As for suppers I have 1 stroganoff, and 2 BBQ mixes done. My plan is to have 30 breakfast and 30 suppers in the freezer by the time baby is here.

I originally planned to have a few cooking days and try to get most of it done, but I’m finding I just don’t have the energy like I use to. Go figure! lol I guess I really am started to feel 30 :-0 I have a couple of months to my big 3-0 but I’m definitely feeling older with each pregnancy. I think I’ve been in denial about it for some time. Mostly with this pregnancy. I keep asking Dean, why am I so tired, I really didn’t do much today…He just laughs. I still compare myself to my early 20s and many  children less and wonder why I can’t do what I use to do. Ummm, da! heehee

Anyway, even though it’s been a really overwhelming week I keep trying to chug away at what I can get done and be ok with the progress, even if it’s not what I think I should be getting done. The kids got up early…er this morning and their school work is done for the morning. I’m hoping to rest for a while after  I finish up the french toast and then get school done early. Then we can just do nothing the rest of the day. This sounds like a good plan to me!

10 Things I Do That I Shouldn’t Do

Here is a list (in no particular order) of things I do that I shouldn’t. I know it’s probably things everyone does but these are things that really make me stressed because I know I shouldn’t do them. Yes, I really am that hard on myself.

1. Judge/criticize people. Not to them of course but if my first impression of someone is not good wow does my mind run with negative thoughts.

2. Yell at the kids. I have to admit, I think the only people I yell at are the kids. There have only been a handful of times I’ve yelled at Dean and I’m sure he’d say that it wasn’t yelling. lol However, I simply just yell, a lot, for pretty much anything.

3. Let the kids watch more TV then they should. Yep, the typical baby sitter 🙂

4. Sleep in. I hate that I sleep in. I always do so much better when I’m up before the kids and can get my head on straight for the day before the chaos starts, but the few weeks I just haven’t be able to do it. We’ve had later nights so I end up not able to get up when I should be.

5. speed-as in driving, not the drug 😀

6. Complain. I’m a natural complainer. lol I think this is because I’ve always just said whats on my mind, happy or not, I tell it like it is. And the past few years, well, they’ve sucked. So, if you ask me how I’m doing, be prepared to hear how I’m really doing. Which means I’ll most likely complain to you. heehee

7. Bribe my kids with candy to behave or do their school work when I’m having a bad day, or even on good day. We do not give out kids much for candy or junk food so when I’m desperate, I know that this kind of bribe will get me the temporary behavior I want.

8. Eat too much junk food.

9. Buy fast food. I don’t do this often but when I do I really feel guilty, for two reasons. 1. We really don’t have the money for fast food, and two, I feel like I should treat the whole family, or at least Dean and I if I’m going to spent the “extra” money.

10. over commit

I know there are many more that could be added to this list but I just wrote down the first ten that came to mind. What are somethings you do that you shouldn’t?

Pregnancy: Week 30

Here is a belly pic that I talked about posting. I’m measuring about 4 cm bigger and I feel it too! lol You wouldn’t think a few cm would make a different but it sure does! This past week I’ve been very uncomfortable in my own skin and if seems none of my clothes fit right. I’m trying to enjoy my baby body but it’s hard to when I can’t breathe whenever I move and I feel like I’m due today. ~sigh~

I haven’t posted much in the last couple weeks. The reason for this is I want this blog to be happy, but I really have nothing happy to report.  Sure I could make up wonderful stories about how everything is going swell and how I feel like doing cartwheels do to the overwhelming joy that is spewing forth in our home, but lets face it, I’m not that kinda person. What you see/read is what you get. I’ve never been good at sugar-coating anything. Those of you know that me personally are laughing at the thought of me even trying.

Stress has been at the fore front of my life lately. Dean did not get the job he applied for, that Snap On Tools called HIM about, kids have been extra crazy lately, soccer was pushed back another week, and I’m over all not content with life right now. I’m angry, depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, I’m struggling with keeping calm in any situation, everything pisses me off, my iron is low, and all I want to do is sleep the days away. I do the bare minimum each day and call it good enough.

Here are some baby facts for week 30:

Baby’s about 15.7 inches long now, and weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage).

A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds baby, but that volume will decrease as baby gets bigger and takes up more room in the uterus.

Baby’s eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen; even after she’s/he’s born, baby’ll keep it’s eyes closed for a good part of the day. When she/he does open them, she’ll/he’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means baby can only make out objects a few inches from her/he’s face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20.)

With that said, I’m off for now. I’m going to continue to keep my post short or none at all until I have more positive things to talk about. My goal was to keep this a happy blog, and that’s what I’m going to do. Enjoy your week everyone!

My New Favorite Cookie…For Now :-)

Dean asked me to bake something chocolate last night and being the good wife that I am, I said yes.    😀 I found this recipe in my “favorites” cookbook and realized I hadn’t made them in a really long time. So, knowing they were super easy to make I whipped them up in no time.

WOW! Had I forgotten just how good this babies are. Here is the recipe. You really should go make them…right now! Just sayin.’ They are like a rich brownie in cookie form!

Fudgy Chocolate Cookies


2-sticks butter or marg


2 cups sugar

1-tsp vanilla

2-cups flour

3/4-cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1-tsp baking soda

1/2-tsp salt

Up to 2 TBSP of water if needed to soften the batter.

Make em:

1. Soften butter and mix in the sugar. Mix until light and fluffy. This works well if you have a mixer of some kind, I only have a handy-dandy wooden spoon so I don’t mix it that long.

2. Add eggs and vanilla, mix until well blended.

3. Add everything else and stir until well combined again. This batter is tough! Use your mixer if you have one, this will hard your arms to stir with just a wooden spoon. BUT, it is worth it! Oh, and don’t forget to add the water if you need to. I haven’t needed to but I also have Dean stir the batter to get it all mixed in well.

4. Bake at 350 for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s hard to tell when these are done so wait until they start to crack, then pull them out.

5. Let them “rest” on the pan for 3 to 5 minutes. They will crumble into a gooey mess if you don’t let them set for those few minutes.

6. Try not to eat them all in one sitting! Trust me, this will be hard to do! lol Enjoy!!

Ten Things I Like To Do

In no particular order…

1. Read

2. Learn

3. Teach my kids

4. organize

5. Sing

6. Go to church

7. Volunteer

8. Laugh

9. Bake/Cook

10. Run

What a week!

At the beginning of the week I proclaimed we were going to have good week, no matter what. Dean and I have both been struggling with depression lately, and it seems non of your days hae gone even slightly good. Claiming we’re going to have a great week is kind of a big deal. However, I have been determined to have a good week despite all that has been going on.

An hour after making my claim, a soccer ball shattered one of our living room windows and threw glass through both the living room and dining room. Yep, that’s how the week started. We have spiritual attacks, an out of control fire close to house place, we are STILL waiting to see if Dean gets this new job, I’ve had a lot of anxiety, the van is getting worse with all its problems, our trampoline got busted up from a very winding day, needed to winterize out place last minute due to a winter storm on its way, and the kids have decided to be extra crabby and whiny this morning…You get the idea, and the week isn’t even over. lol

With each new thing that has come up Dean and I look at each other (or text if he’s not home) “WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A GREAT WEEK!) The cool thing is, we have! We have had a lot of challenges every day but it has been a great reminder for us to go to God right when these things come up. We pray, out loud, against whatever is going on, and reclaim our week. God has been giving us a peace that only he can give during this week that both of us have not experienced in a long time.

I’m not saying we’ve handled everything perfectly, but we have been making the extra effort and it shows. The kids have been handling their own stress better, even in chaos we feel God’s peace and we are reminded that we can do this, with Him!

There are still a lot of uncertainties that causes me a lot of anxiety, and until we get some answers I know I’ll struggle with it. But, God is good, and as long as I go to Him when the anxiety kicks in, I feel better.

How has your week been going?