You’re going to do what?!

We have heard this statement a lot when we mention we are going through a midwife with this pregnancy. It kinda makes me giggle. Why not? is my reply. They bring more love and care to your family then any Dr. you could ever have. There are many reasons to have a midwife.

1. Lower chance of interventions (including c-sections). This one I’m really excited about. I hate how fast nurses and Dr.s want to pump you full of Petosin because your body isn’t “doing things fast enough.” Really? I’m pretty sure God make our bodies for this. Helping your body alone should be a last resort, not the first!
2. Higher chance of having a unmedicated birth, if that’s your wish.  (safer for baby and for you.) I have only gone two labors without meds. I’ve always caved thanks to “interventions” that made the pain worse. I’m looking forward to an all natural birth.
3. Generally longer and more detailed prenatal exams, with more personal attention.
4. A generally different ‘take’ on pregnancy/birth — midwives see it as a natural process; doctors see it as a disaster waiting to happen. They also will respect your decisions and will not guilt you into doing anything you don’t want to do. This is very common with hospital births.
5. Cheaper.

After having many different experiences birthing (all not that wonderful) at hospitals Dean and decided to go with a midwife with baby 9. We have looked into going through a midwife in the past but didn’t have luck finding someone in our area. Before we were even pregnant with this sweet little baby, we had been talking about wanting to find a midwife and a lady from church says, “oh, I know someone.” lol just like that, and we had a lead. I was very excited to meet with Rebekah Knapp. I had a chance to talk with her before even getting pregnant and knew we wanted to go with her when we did get pregnant.

Most of our family and friends pretty much think we are crazy as it is with WANTING more kids let along wanting to have the baby at home. However, over the years the have come to terms with out craziness. We have been blessed with family and friends that love us and even though they may think we are a little off our rocker,they  are happy for us. This means a lot to us as many large families don’t get the happy support they need or want. Also, if they don’t agree, they politely keep their negative comments to themselves. With that said, thank you to all of our family and friends that love us, even though we are a bit crazy! Enjoy the article posted below from a lady who has had all her kids at home.


3 thoughts on “You’re going to do what?!

  1. I think its amazing how dr.s Think we need “help” for our babies to come. Women have had babies for years with out intervention. I think its absolutely wonderful what you are doing. I had both my of boys naturally and I would 100 percent do it again. Was it a walk in the park NO but it was what was best. I still get the You did what? Comment or that look that says more than their words could. I had both my boys in a hospital ause like you with your there wasn’t any resources around my area so I have decided that I’m going to study to become a midwife. Who better to help than somebody who has done it. I will pray you have an awesome experience

    • Thanks! I’ve very excited for this new experience. That’s wonderful that you were able to go natural with your kids. I did with two of mine and then caved and took the pain meds with the others. However, I wonder how I would have done without the Pitocin “helping” me along.

  2. With my first child I took stadall but I have to say it didn’t help me at all other than make me unable to communicate I still felt EVERYTHING. I went in at 11 pm had him at 5:30pm I think it slowed me down plus all I did was lay in bed. With my second I went in at 11pm and he was born at 8 am with him I took nothing at all and I got up every hour and walked around used the restroom and changed positions it made a world of difference.

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