No TV For A Month Update

This past month has had its ups and down but over all it has been wonderful with not having the TV on. The kids have found back their imaginations. They are reading more, enjoying art more, playing with each other more, and all around seem to be more happy. I’m so glad we did this! The house has been a bit messier but I’ll take that over zombified kids on the couch all day.

It’s the first of a new month and they have yet to notice that they could actually watch TV if they asked. heehee However, to keep encouraging their new love of all things NOT TV, Dean and I have decided to have a TV night once a week as a family. I don’t want to go back to how things were. Fighting over who watched more of what, who’s turn got missed in the line up of TV shows, and the constant quoting of cartoons with no real thoughts from the kids at all.

We will still have the leapfrog shows on in the morning as part of school for the younger ones but other than that everyone will have to wait until Sunday night to watch their favorite shows.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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