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My Pregnancy: Week 27

The beginning of this week has been much busier then I first thought is was going to be. I started my morning making a meal for a lovely family that recently had a baby, my daughter had an appointment in town, got home and made lunch, then fried up 10 pounds of ground beef for future meals. Got school done with everyone, dealt with bad attitudes, and after what seemed like forever I got to sit down.

I’m working on a list of foods to make up next month so I have meals ready for when baby gets here. I’m hoping to get enough breakfasts and suppers made to last a month. My plan is to take three to four days and get everything made and put in the freezer so it is done and out of the way. I am really looking forward to this. Yes, I really am. It’s my form of nesting. We don’t have a “special” room to decorate so I have to find other ways to “nest.” Which leaves me to cook and bake. 🙂 I’m ok with that.

In the near future I’m planning to start posting belly pics. Still working up the nerve to do so though. haha Cameras truly do not like me. There are two things I will ask you all not to ask me. 1. Am I having twins? NO, I am not! I’m fat, that’s all 🙂 But really, after this many pregnancies my body is just retarded. I start showing at about 5 weeks and look like I’m 7 months right from the start. 2. Have you had an ultrasound to make sure? NO, I have not! However, I did have several ultrasounds at the beginning of my pregnancy as a volunteer for the Life Care Center and there was only one baby there. Really! Just one. Feel free to ask any other questions 🙂

I think that’s all I got for ya now. The rest of my week is filled with school, CR, and lots of soccer…in the cold. haha Happy fall everyone!


My Pregnancy: Week 26

I’ve never really talked about my pregnancies on my blogs before but recently I’ve noticed that many mommy blogs do this. So I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe you all would be interested in how this pregnancy is going from time to time. If not, just skip over those posts. It’s ok I won’t be offended. 🙂

Sense I’m starting my pregnancy “journal” at 26 weeks I’ll give you a little back round on how things have gone so far.

I found out early that I was pregnant, I always do. In fact, many times I’m not even late before I find out. Morning sickness kicked in shortly after. The last two pregnancies the morning sickness really kicked my butt and this time has proved no different. This pregnancy has been the worst.

I have never gotten to the point where I would throw up but this one has really worked one over on me. I got to the point where I couldn’t keep anything down and ended up passing out at a meeting and then sent to the ER to make sure everything was ok. I have passed out with other pregnancies do to dehydration but do not normally go in. However, I knew my friends would not take no for an answer so I went. All was fine and I got to go home a few hours later. I was given Zofran for the nausea and after 2/3 weeks the morning sickness passed and I didn’t have to take it anymore.

TMI time: If you ever need Zofran, it is wonderful but make sure you take lots of fiber. Seriously, I won’t tell you how much it hurt to not poo for days! It is a normal side effect so be for warned.

Anyway, now that I’m over the morning sickness I pretty much am back to normal. I have energy most of the time, I’m getting stuff done through out the day that needs tending to, school is going well with the kids, and I’m enjoying feeling the baby move around.

I look forward to sending out updates and hope you are too. I’m not sure if I’ll post every week but I’ll throw out updates here and there. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! God bless!

You’re going to do what?!

We have heard this statement a lot when we mention we are going through a midwife with this pregnancy. It kinda makes me giggle. Why not? is my reply. They bring more love and care to your family then any Dr. you could ever have. There are many reasons to have a midwife.

1. Lower chance of interventions (including c-sections). This one I’m really excited about. I hate how fast nurses and Dr.s want to pump you full of Petosin because your body isn’t “doing things fast enough.” Really? I’m pretty sure God make our bodies for this. Helping your body alone should be a last resort, not the first!
2. Higher chance of having a unmedicated birth, if that’s your wish.  (safer for baby and for you.) I have only gone two labors without meds. I’ve always caved thanks to “interventions” that made the pain worse. I’m looking forward to an all natural birth.
3. Generally longer and more detailed prenatal exams, with more personal attention.
4. A generally different ‘take’ on pregnancy/birth — midwives see it as a natural process; doctors see it as a disaster waiting to happen. They also will respect your decisions and will not guilt you into doing anything you don’t want to do. This is very common with hospital births.
5. Cheaper.

After having many different experiences birthing (all not that wonderful) at hospitals Dean and decided to go with a midwife with baby 9. We have looked into going through a midwife in the past but didn’t have luck finding someone in our area. Before we were even pregnant with this sweet little baby, we had been talking about wanting to find a midwife and a lady from church says, “oh, I know someone.” lol just like that, and we had a lead. I was very excited to meet with Rebekah Knapp. I had a chance to talk with her before even getting pregnant and knew we wanted to go with her when we did get pregnant.

Most of our family and friends pretty much think we are crazy as it is with WANTING more kids let along wanting to have the baby at home. However, over the years the have come to terms with out craziness. We have been blessed with family and friends that love us and even though they may think we are a little off our rocker,they  are happy for us. This means a lot to us as many large families don’t get the happy support they need or want. Also, if they don’t agree, they politely keep their negative comments to themselves. With that said, thank you to all of our family and friends that love us, even though we are a bit crazy! Enjoy the article posted below from a lady who has had all her kids at home.

Caramel Bars

I recently made these bars for church and had several people ask for the recipe. I love when this happens! I love to bake and I love it even more when people enjoy my baking. So, thank you all who extra enjoyed them. Here’s the recipe!


1-cup sliced almonds (It says to toast them in the over for a few minutes but I skipped that step.)


2 1/2-cups flour

1-cup butter (real butter)

1/2-cup sugar


1-cup butter (real butter)

6-TBSP light corn syrup

1-cup brown sugar

1-can sweetened condensed milk

Make it:

Mix crust ingredients together and press in a greased 9×13 pan and bake for 30 minutes. If you want thinner bars you can use a jelly roll pan and bake for 20 minutes.

Shortly before the crust is done, start the caramel. Put all caramel ingredients in a med sauce pan and bring to a boil. Boil on med heat for 6 minutes. You need to stir this the whole time or it will scorch.

Pour the caramel over the crust, top with almonds and let it cool. After about an hour I put it in the fridge to cool completely. Store in an air tight container…if they last that long!

Meal Planning for a Large Family

I have tried many things over the years to make meal time easier. I have planned a day at a time, a week at a time, a month at a time, and even several months at a time. I have tried plan charts, colored charts, and charts with bells and whistles, but what I have found works best for us is a simple large desk calendar.

I have tried to find out what other people do and it seems most families only eat once a day, supper. haha  What about us families how eat three meals and a snack every. single. day? I tried many different calendars and planners but nothing was ever big enough to fit all I needed to write and also be legible.

One day I was looking for a large calendar that would work for our day-to-day life and I came across a desk calendar. It was love at first sight! really! With so many of us and all the different stuff going on I needed a large enough calendar which gave me plenty of space on EACH day of the week to write everything down. Then it dawned on me, this would also be perfect for meal planning. I will never go back to those small calendars and hand planners. It may seem a bit much for some families but for us it’s perfect. Lots of space, nothing fancy, and all I need is a pencil and my cookbooks.

Once I get the new calendar that comes out in October I am able to start writing out the next years meals. I pretty much know now what we like to eat at certain times of the year so it’s pretty easy to fill in the blanks one month at a time. I’ve also written about how I decided to plan meals for a year at a time here and the best way to get started here. It does take some time to write it all down but I try to only take a month so it’s just done and I don’t have to think about it anymore. I also take into account days for trying new meals, holidays, soccer season, and other family gatherings.

This last year I got about half way done when I took a break from planning and never finished. I’ve been writing in each only as it comes but am hoping to get the rest of the year done so I just dont’ have to think about it anymore.

Our kids have really loved this as they always know what’s coming and even like to look at the coming months to see if their favorite meals will be coming up. A couple of days again, Kurtis looked at next month and asked Dean if we were going to starve in October. Turns out I hadn’t filled in that month yet and he seriously thought we weren’t going to be eating. Poor guy! I got next months meals planned out and let him know we will be eating every day next month. Here is a pic of next months meals.

What ways do you plan your meals?

fall Is In The Air

I love fall. It can never come fast enough. The cooler days, all the colors, soccer season, the kids enjoying the cooler weather so they are staying outside for longer periods of time, allergys are mostly gone, the excitement of the approaching holidays, snuggling with the kids under blankets in the evening reading to them, and lets not forget all the yummy baking. Yep, I love this time of year! Plus, it also starts the countdown for baby’s arrival…~sigh~

What is your favorite thing about fall?

Labor Day Weekend

I got a text from my husband this afternoon. My sister had run into him at work and asked what our plans were for Sunday. Like most Sundays we had nothing planned and I had totally forgotten it was Labor Day weekend. Dean talked about maybe going to the farm (his parents place) and mentioned that if I wanted to go hang out with my mom and sister for the day he’d take all the kids but Shamus. Sweet! I’ll totally take him up on that!

Of course, my mind went straight to “what should I bake?” Since I had been on Pinterest literally all day I figured I’d make a couple of the treats I’d repined earlier. After waiting for a couple ingredients to get home, I started baking. I haven’t tried them yet but they sure look yummy. I made Meltaways and Carmel Fudge Brownies.