Peach Tea

I was really excited to try this tea as my first experience with sweet tea was wonderful. It’s very simple, all you need is …

3 family size tea bags

1 1/2 cups sugar

and 2 pealed, depited, and chopped peaches.

First take three cups water and bring it to a boil. Put in the tea bags and steep for 15 minutes. I added the sugar at this time also so it could dissolve in the hot water.

In the mean time, peel and depit your peaches. Put the peaches and 1 cup of water into a food processor or some kind of blender and pulverize them until smooth. I do not have a good processor of any kind so my peaches stayed chunky. As you can tell in the picture.

Mix everything together and add enough water to equal one gallon. Chill and enjoy!

Results: Not bad. It would be fabulous tea without the chunks. Dean loved the tea so it won’t go to waste! Yay! I can’t wait to get a good food processor and try it again. Oh, and if you are not offically following my blog, you should…just sayin. 😀


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