Kids Say The Funniest Things

Over the years I’ve heard my kids say some pretty funny things. At first I didn’t write them down, thinking I’d remember them. lol yeah right. Once I wised up and realized I’m never going to  remember those cute and funny things they were saying I starting writing them down. Here are the ones we have right now. Enjoy!

“I want to be an astronaut because there are no such things as space monsters. But I do have to watch out so I don’t get hit by a meteor. Or a boomerang.” – Emry

“I want to be a woman, then I can have candy whenever I want.” – Emry

When chomping on the lead of a pencil, “It’s just like boogers; it has no flavor.” – Emry

Quoted from Emry, 8/31/10

“They’re called hurricanes because they hurry to get away, and canes are their weakness!”

“I can count up to one, BUT I’M STILL A GENIOUS!”

(said in an eerie voice) “Beware the voice in the pie…”

Hey, you took my beautiful shooter gun! – Wyatt quote 8/31/10

“spider man, Spiderman, does whatever a spider does, can he swing, no he can’t he’s a spider woman”- Kurtis 9/10/10

“I know science. hmmmm. 1+2.” – Emry 9/10/10

“2+1=3. 2+1=2. 3+1. It’s mysterious. It’s a mystery. Dun dun dun dun.” – Emry 9/10/10

“Stop picking.” “I’m not picking I’m scratching.”  “What are you picking?”  “My brian, it’s huge!” -Emry 9/15/2010

“Why did the cow horse cross the road?” “Why?” “It didn’t, it was dead!” -Kurtis 4/4/1011

“Come on vamonos, everybody let’s go, I know we can never ever do it.”-Wyatt age 4

“Hey! Shamus didn’t even die when he bonked!” Tirzah age 3.(He had fallen over and hit his head on the floor.)

After I’m done sleeping and being boring….Emry

There are so many more that we have missed but I’m always keeping an ear out for them. What are some funny things you’ve heard your kids say?


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