Science And A Few Really Cool Videos

We have been studying astronomy this past year though apologia science. It has been a great year but I wish we could have done more experiments. I always want to do them until it’s time and then I look through it all and get frustrated. I’m not good at explaining things so if the experiment doesn’t explain it for me I struggle with how to do them. We end up skipping a lot of experiments for this reason, or do them when Dean is home as he’s great in that area. It’s horrible of me, but you’ll get over it.

Anyway, I remembered this video by Louie Giglio….

The kids literally watched this video for days! How amazing is our God?!

I got to thinking, which doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, watch out! Well, I got to thinking that this guy must have more awesome videos about God and the stars. I was overwhelmed by the videos I found. We are closing out the year with a few of his presentations. They are 40 to 60 minutes long so I’ll just post a few shorter clips. If you like what you see you’ll have to look more up for yourself. Which I hope you do because this guy does such an amazing job explaining everything. Ok, here they are. Enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “Science And A Few Really Cool Videos

    • You should. They are truely amazing videos. I love how God has put it stamp on things and only through His grace he has shown us. It’s like He’s saying, “yep, I made that!” Love it!

  1. The famous astronomer he quotes is Carl Sagan, who wrote The Pale Blue Dot and The Cosmos, challenging our long held view of our place in the universe. Here is the full quote from his book regarding that photo of Earth taken by Voyager.

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