When The Kids Are Away, The Parents Will Play!

In two days all 8 of our kids will be gone. That’s right, gone, for a full week. What on earth are these parents to do for an entire week? It has been years since Dean and I have had a break from all of the kids at one time, let alone a week.

Dean will still be working during the week so I will have a lot of time on my hands. He was able to get a couple of days off but I will have time to kill on the days he’s working. Here is my exciting plans for the hours I’m home alone.

1. Deep clean the house. I know, totally exciting right? The truth is, I have a hard time doing anything in a messy house. I’ve learned to let it go a little over the years but with the kids gone I know I will enjoy my time more if I know everything is clean. We have a very small house so this will only take a few hours.

2. Bake! I love to bake. I love it even more when I do not have little ones tripping me with ever step in our pint-sized kitchen.

3. Make new meals. And learn how to cook for 2 people, not 10.

4. Read. Oh how I miss reading! I’m always trying to read something but it’s not the same when I ever only get a page or two in and have to stop to tend to someone. I’ve tried waiting until evening but by then I’m so tired I can’t retain anything so I opt out to watching a show before bed instead of curling up with a book.

5. Blog! I wish I could blog more than I do. I’m going to be taking pictures of everything I cook, bake, and organize and blog it. Ohhh, I can’t wait!

6. Re-organize all our school books and get ready for the start of the year. I use the term “start” loosely as we teach through the year, but it’s always fun to go through everything and get a fresh game plan for the next year.

7. Catch up on all the blogs I follow. Normally I only have time to skim blogs and maybe throw out a quick comment here or there.

As for when Dean and I get to have time together…

1. well, you know… 😉 Like you didn’t see that one coming! heehee

2. Go into town and visit shops we’ve always talked about wanting to check out but never have had the time to visit.

3. Enjoy HOT meals! woot woot!

4. Have date night… every night, just cause we can.

5. Go for walks in the evening.

6. ….yeah, you know. Oh please, like you wouldn’t?

We haven’t talked a lot about what we plan to do but that’s ok. We are both natural planners so it’s kinda weird to not have the whole week planned out to a T. Even if non of these things happened I’m just happy we will have time together as husband and wife. Time to be a couple with no interruptions.


6 thoughts on “When The Kids Are Away, The Parents Will Play!

  1. These are noble goals but I am willing to bet a good portion will be spent sleeping. LOL I always say he I have some free time this day I am going to write, or clean or organize and then I sleep because lets face it as parents sleep is sooooo good.

    • I totally agree. The good thing is I’ve been caught up on my sleep for the past couple weeks! I’m sure I’ll take a nap here and there but for the most part I should be good! Thanks for the comment Josh!

  2. I couldn’t agree more – just do what makes you HAPPY and not worry about timelines, blogging, etc. Let your hair down and RELAX! 🙂

  3. So…am I the only one who is wondering how you are managing to pull this off? I think in 20 years, Larry and I have had ONE night together without any kids.

    • first, have a nervious breakdown. That totally helps! But really, it was God’s grace and really awesome friends. I have rapid cycling bi-polar and manic depression. I was on the verse of a nervious breakdown and asked my friends for help. A few months back I had asked for a break and it fell through, so when I asked this time I think people were really wanting to make it happen. At least that’s what I want to beleive. haha Three families teamed up to take all the kids. I finally got to the point were if I didn’t ask for help I would have…well, I don’t know. I was in pretty bad shape. I’m not one to ask for help but I knew I needed to this time. I would say if you are truely needing a break to ask your friends to team up and take the kids for a time. Even without a breakdown I’m guessing you’re freinds would love to help you and your love have some time just for the two of you. God Bless!

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