A Month Of No TV!

That’s right, one full month with no tv. Ok, I take that back, there will be a little tv as the younger ones watch some Leapfrog videos as part of school, but that will be it. I’ve decided to do this for the simple reason that the kids have just gotten lazy, I’ve gotten lazy.

I want them to remember they have an imaginations. I’m so tired of hearing cartoon quotes it makes me want to scream. I’m not even sure they know how to hold a normal conversation anymore!

Yes, I know I’m to blame for the abundance of tv watching. It’s been so easy to tell them they can put on a show so I can do something without kids under my feel, but really, isn’t that’s what life is? Having them at my feet? I need to remind myself that they won’t always want to be with me. I need to learn to embrace the interruptions and even though it drives me crazy now, remind myself they won’t always want mommy.

Also, “I’m bored” should never be said as far as I’m concerned, yet I catch myself saying it sometimes too. As a family I want to work on togetherness, reading a book together, go outside for walks, climbing a tree,(that ones for the kids)  roll around in some Poison Ivy,(yet, this onefor the kids too,)  I don’t care, but I want all of us to want to be together in other ways then just staring at that silly screen.

What are some ways you connect with your kids other than to watch tv?


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