Present Day and School Through the Summer

I’m done with reposting my old posts. Now, on to present day things.

We have been doing school through the summer this year. I have always planned to go through the summer but then the nice weather makes me just as antsy as the kids and I cave. ~Sigh~ Not this year. haha We ended up taking more breaks this spring then I wanted to. With getting burnt out as teacher and morning sickness kicking, I was determined not to give in this summer, so we chug away day by day. The last couple months we have been working 2/3 weeks then taking 1/2 weeks off. My plan is to go into a three-month school time with one month off starting the beginning of the new year.

Until then, we are doing a three-week one week off cycle and taking December off. I’m due mid-December so I’m not stressing taking the month off. Here are a few pics of what the dining room looks like during a school day.

Mara and Kurtis-beginning of school

Tirzah, Garrett, and Adrian, (behind the computer) halfway through the day



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