I Did It!

I finally got my meal plan done for the year! I have been working on getting a years worth of meals planned out for some time but always get stuck after 3 months. I have been able to get 3 months planned out before but would run out of meal ideas at that point.

I got the honor of meeting someone who plans out her meals yearly and has been doing this for years. I was so excited!! haha.  She told me her “secret” only to find out I was doing what she does already, only on a smaller scale. Here was the extra bit of info she gave me that helped me get the rest of my meal calendar filled out.

First, get a calendar you want to use for the year to map out your meals. (I use a big ol desk calendar.) Then, take about 15 meals that you know your kids like, or most of them like, and start plugging them in for each month. Yep, you will rotate these meals every month for the whole year.  I put them on for every other day. Then, find one of your cookbooks, that I’m guessing you never use, and tag every meal you would like to try. From the first page to that last. Don’t skip a page. Once you have all the meals marked, start plugging them into the open spots on your calendar.  Don’t forget to leave some days open for leftovers. How simple is that?! Now she only did this with suppers but I had to get a little more creative as I make 3 meals and a snack every single day. So…here is what I did after I got the suppers all mapped out.

To get the rest of the meals in order I started by making lists. I wrote down every kind of breakfast food I could think of, followed by snacks and lunches.  Then I plugged them into the calendar.  I was able to come up with enough of all 3 meals to not double up an any meal except for a couple of snacks and cereal for breakfast!  Every month is the same when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and snack.

When we have something new I ask the kids what they thought of it and make a note whither or not I will put the meal into next years meal plan or not.  I officially start the new menu next month.

I still plan on posting our weekly meals, (assuming I remember,) haha, and if there is ever a meal that sounds good, let me know and I’ll post the recipe.

Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you!


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