$45 Meal Plan Update

I’m still in the copy and paste proccess of switching some of my blog posts over. Which explains why I’m giving the meal plan update a day later 🙂 I posted this April of last year but we still enjoy some of these meals….

This week has been going pretty good despite the fact that the kids are coming down with the flu.  The meals have been going over well and most of the kids have liked most of the meals. That’s pretty good around here!

Here are the meals we have enjoyed. Lentil & Vegetable Soup with Dumplings, Hoe Cakes, Creamed Tuna &Peas over Rice and Garlic Toast, Hot Rice in Milk. The kids thought the Savory Mixed Greens were ok, Dean and I like them and will make them again.

I didn’t follow the bread recipe she gives because I have my own recipe that we really enjoy, so I just stuck with that.  I also haven’t followed the breakfast and snacks much because we have stuff in the house that we need to get eaten. Like the massive amount of hard-boiled eggs from Easter and boxed cereal. I do plan to only get boxed cereal from WIC from now own and work on making more hot breakfasts. So much cheaper that way!


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