Trying Something New With The Meals

A friend sent me a link for a $45 menu, which covers meals for a week. I’m all about saving so I figured I’d give it a try. Now keep in mind that she, ( Susanne)  made this plan several years ago and prices have gone up, but you’ll be saving regardless.

As I was looking through the meals I noticed one thing, no meat!  Eeek! Haha. But, I’m willing to try almost anything.  While I looked over the shopping list I also discovered I have almost everything we’ll need for the week.  What an awesome surprise!

I found a second plan called the $70 menu on  Susanne’s blog which I think we’ll try the following week.  I’m happy to see that this one has meat in the menu and am eager to try this one too.  I have no idea if we’ll like these meals but giving the family a new experience with food and saving money makes me happy. YAY

Anyone else in the mood to try something new?  Let me know if you are willing to try these meal plans and what you think about them when you finish the week.


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