Filipino Spaghetti

Filipino Spaghetti

This is one of our favorites.  When I was little,  we had a neighbor lady that was from the Phillips and she gave my mom this recipe.  We have made it ever sence.  It’s wonderful!  This is for a double batch….obviously…. Why would you waste your time on a single batch of this pure deliciousness!  Using a wok is ideal but any pan will work.

What you need plus Olive oil which I forgot to get in the picture.
First fry up a bag of boneless skinless chicken.
We use to fry everything in Olive Oil but it was so greasy no matter how little oil we would use, so Dean tried frying everything but the onions, garlic, and noodles in water and we couldn’t tell a difference in the taste.  The only thing we notices was we didn’t end up with a layer of greasy in our mouth.
We always start with the veggies that take the longest to get done. Fry them in Olive Oil or water until done to your liking.


Green Peppers
Don’t forget a large bowl to put everything in 🙂
Use butter for frying the onions and garlic.
Dean cooks this meal. I chop everything and he frys it all. We make a good team 🙂


The ever-growing bowl of deliciousness.


The garlic


Do not walk away from the garlic. It burns crazy fast and only takes a minute, and then it will burn in seconds.


Can you guess what this is?!


LOL I love that last picture! Anyway, we have never put bean sprouts in before but it was a good add. No need to fry, just open the cans and mix em’ in.


Add soy sauce to taste.


YUM! Almost done!


“Mai Fun noodles”These are the noodles we have always used but for some reason the whole town of TRF was out. GGRRRR This truly makes the meal. Minus the green stuff on the bottom. Oh, and you MUST use olive oil (and don’t skimp on the oil) for frying the noodles or they turn into a big messy clump. Right Dean? ;-D


About 20 minutes before you are done frying, soak noodles for 20 minutes in hot water, or for these noodles, fallow the directions on the box.


This picture didn’t turn out but it matches the taste. haha! I was very disappointed in these noodles.


Serve veggies over a plate of noodles and enjoy!


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