A Day In The Mehrkens Home…A Few Years Back

A day in the life of the Mehrkens…

I try to start my day off by reading my bible. It helps me start the day off feeling ready to face the day…most of the time. I try to read a chapter but some mornings am happy if I can get in 5 minutes. During this time the kids are eating breakfast, brushing teeth, (if I remember to remind them), cleaning their bedrooms, and getting breakfast dishes done. I start the laundry and help with the downstairs clean up, and then start school work. By 8:00/8:30 our day is in full swing.

Today, Mara got her school work done before I even had a chance to tell her to do it! Awesome surprise. The boys, on the other hand, snuck outside. While the older boys where outside I let the younger two watch tv, giving myself time to enjoy the morning quite. *sigh*

After I “forced” a couple of the boys to do their school work so they could go outside, we had dinner and then free time until our wonderful Headstart teacher got here. Durning Headstart, the kids had snack and quite time/outside time. After the teacher left, the kids played with gak that we made the week before and then they were back outside.

While the oldest 6 kids played outside I was able to exercise and shower. Tirzah danced to the rhythm of the treadmill in her playpen. Too cute! Before lunch I helped Emry learn to ride bike; his first time. Then it was off to make lunch, prep for supper, wash dishes and clean up. Before I could ask the kids to do anything else they were gone. lol They came back in for awhile and played with gak…again. I looked over and found Emry looking for something to cut gak out of his hair. He had put a whole handful on the top of his head! He did get most of it out, slowly. I really thought I was going to have to shave his head.

Just after 5:00 supper was done, Dean had walked in the door, and the kids were out again. I tried to tell them it was supper time but they were already outside. So…Dean and I were able to have supper in a quite house before the kids came back in.

After supper they sat down to watch donkey recipes from China. Yep, that was dad’s pick. Then there was crazy time (wrestling very loudly) with dad. This meaning, bedtime will be not quite on time. 7:00 all kids brushed their teeth and the first round of kids were off to bed. 30 to 45 minutes later the rest of the kids fallowed. Tonight, Garrett (turning 7) helped me bake his birthday cake for tomorrow. He picked out a butterfly cake so I wanted to get a jump start on it tonight in case I botch the first attempt at this cake. Tonight was Dean’s work night so I was up for bed times. But, because My Love is so wonderful, he helped me with bedtimes so I could make the birthday cake with Garrett and not have him up too much past his bedtime. I love him!

Well, it’s 9:00pm and all the kids are in bed and most of them asleep, the couple kids still up are enjoying some quality time fighting. *sigh*

Time for a little time with my hubby 😉


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