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A Month Of No TV!

That’s right, one full month with no tv. Ok, I take that back, there will be a little tv as the younger ones watch some Leapfrog videos as part of school, but that will be it. I’ve decided to do this for the simple reason that the kids have just gotten lazy, I’ve gotten lazy.

I want them to remember they have an imaginations. I’m so tired of hearing cartoon quotes it makes me want to scream. I’m not even sure they know how to hold a normal conversation anymore!

Yes, I know I’m to blame for the abundance of tv watching. It’s been so easy to tell them they can put on a show so I can do something without kids under my feel, but really, isn’t that’s what life is? Having them at my feet? I need to remind myself that they won’t always want to be with me. I need to learn to embrace the interruptions and even though it drives me crazy now, remind myself they won’t always want mommy.

Also, “I’m bored” should never be said as far as I’m concerned, yet I catch myself saying it sometimes too. As a family I want to work on togetherness, reading a book together, go outside for walks, climbing a tree,(that ones for the kids)  roll around in some Poison Ivy,(yet, this onefor the kids too,)  I don’t care, but I want all of us to want to be together in other ways then just staring at that silly screen.

What are some ways you connect with your kids other than to watch tv?


20 Things You May Not Know About Me

With starting a new blog I wanted to give you a little in site into me. Here are 20 things you may or may not know about me….in no particular order.

1. I have been married for almost 12 years.

2. By the time I’m 30 I will have been pregnant 10 times and birthed 9. I had one miscarriage in 2003.

3. No matter how insanely stressed I get, I will always consider my children a blessing, and God willing,  we will have many more blessings.

4. I take everything very personally. I hate this about myself. I’ve been hurt many times because I took something the wrong way, or personalized something I read or heard a friend say.

5. We are just finishing up our 5th year of our homeschooling journey. I haven’t always wanted to homeschool. In fact, I often wonder what the heck I’m doing!

6. I have disordered eating. I do not fit into a specific eating disorder but my “drug of choice” is food, or the lack there of. It haunts me day and night. I have struggled with this since I was 14 years old.

7. I have rapid cycling bi-polar and manic depression. That means I can have massive highs and lows hourly, unlike others that cycle every few weeks.

8. I have a black or white personality. I will either do something with all my heart or not at all, there is no middle ground with me.

9. I’m a natural pessimist. It’s very hard for me to see the good in anything. If you tell me something good, I can find a way to turn it negative. I wish more than anything that I was a positive person. My past plays a big part into my negative thinking and I have to work hard to be positive.

10. I am a Christ follower but in a season of questioning… a lot.

11. I love to run! My body does not allow me to run while pregnant which really sucks because I’m pregnant…a lot.

12. I love supernatural, fantasy, Sci-Fi, and zombie movies, tv shows, and books. Lord of the Rings, Firefly, Serenity, The Vampire Diaries, Resident Evil, Zombieland, Twilight, and all things Frank Peretti are just of few I can think of off the top of my head.

13. I wish I could spend hours a day reading. I find that I will have several books going at once and the not finish them because I have started several more.

14. I do not have a favorite color.

15. We have been homeless.

16. Abraham Lincoln saved my great, great, great, great, great….grandfather from a murder charge.

17. I am a baker. Nothing fancy, but I greatly enjoy baking and it makes me happy to see people enjoy what I make.

18. I love with all my heart and cherish my friendships with more passion them most understand. If I tell you I’m here for you, I mean it, night or day. I will walk through fire if it will help you. However, you lose my trust you will most likely never get it back.

19. What you see/read is what you get. I do not sugar coat anything.

20. I never thought I’d ever want to live in the country, now I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Now it’s your turn to share! What are a couple things that I do not know about you?

Yep, I Said That…

Have you ever said something to your child only to pause a moment later and ask yourself why on earth you said that? Or better yet, why you even had to say it? Over the years we have said some pretty crazy and funny things to our kids and I’d like to share some of them with you. I hope you get a chuckle out of them like we have!

Dang it! Get out of my butt!

Will you stop licking that?

Stop playing with my bra!

Shut up. I’m trying to read…the bible

Will you please finish your processed meat sticks?

Stop peeing on the cat!

Stop rubbing you butt on him/her.

Go walk your brother.

Stop smelling your brothers butt.

Those are not whistles, they’re tampons.

No, you are not going to go skunk hunting with your homemade spear. No, the BB gun won’t do it either.

If you keep playing with “that” it’s going to fall off.

I really need you to stop rubbing your face on my leg, it’s weird.

You are getting to old to wear dresses, please start wearing your own clothes now. – to my boys

I had a boy who went through a running onto the road stage. I finally told him one day as he gave me “the look” that if he went on the road and got hit I wasn’t cleaning up his mess. this was at church, in front of lots of people. He has never ran onto the road again.

My three your old has been wanting to know why my chest is big and hers is flat. I’ve given her some basics about how the body works but she wasn’t content with those answers. Finally after being asked for the sixth or seventh time I told her “Jelly beans dear, my chest is big because they are filled with jelly beans.” She gave me a funny look, giggled, and has not asked me sence.

Get your finger out of my nose, pick your own.

No thanks, you can eat your own boogers, I’m full.

If he picks on you again, punch him.

You can climb the tree but if you get stuck, you are there tell dad gets home to get you out.

Pull his hair and he’ll leave you alone.

Will you stop sitting on her face?!

I know there are many more we’ve said but these are the ones that came to mind at the moment. What are some of the funny things you’ve said to your kids?

Present Day and School Through the Summer

I’m done with reposting my old posts. Now, on to present day things.

We have been doing school through the summer this year. I have always planned to go through the summer but then the nice weather makes me just as antsy as the kids and I cave. ~Sigh~ Not this year. haha We ended up taking more breaks this spring then I wanted to. With getting burnt out as teacher and morning sickness kicking, I was determined not to give in this summer, so we chug away day by day. The last couple months we have been working 2/3 weeks then taking 1/2 weeks off. My plan is to go into a three-month school time with one month off starting the beginning of the new year.

Until then, we are doing a three-week one week off cycle and taking December off. I’m due mid-December so I’m not stressing taking the month off. Here are a few pics of what the dining room looks like during a school day.

Mara and Kurtis-beginning of school

Tirzah, Garrett, and Adrian, (behind the computer) halfway through the day


I Did It!

I finally got my meal plan done for the year! I have been working on getting a years worth of meals planned out for some time but always get stuck after 3 months. I have been able to get 3 months planned out before but would run out of meal ideas at that point.

I got the honor of meeting someone who plans out her meals yearly and has been doing this for years. I was so excited!! haha.  She told me her “secret” only to find out I was doing what she does already, only on a smaller scale. Here was the extra bit of info she gave me that helped me get the rest of my meal calendar filled out.

First, get a calendar you want to use for the year to map out your meals. (I use a big ol desk calendar.) Then, take about 15 meals that you know your kids like, or most of them like, and start plugging them in for each month. Yep, you will rotate these meals every month for the whole year.  I put them on for every other day. Then, find one of your cookbooks, that I’m guessing you never use, and tag every meal you would like to try. From the first page to that last. Don’t skip a page. Once you have all the meals marked, start plugging them into the open spots on your calendar.  Don’t forget to leave some days open for leftovers. How simple is that?! Now she only did this with suppers but I had to get a little more creative as I make 3 meals and a snack every single day. So…here is what I did after I got the suppers all mapped out.

To get the rest of the meals in order I started by making lists. I wrote down every kind of breakfast food I could think of, followed by snacks and lunches.  Then I plugged them into the calendar.  I was able to come up with enough of all 3 meals to not double up an any meal except for a couple of snacks and cereal for breakfast!  Every month is the same when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and snack.

When we have something new I ask the kids what they thought of it and make a note whither or not I will put the meal into next years meal plan or not.  I officially start the new menu next month.

I still plan on posting our weekly meals, (assuming I remember,) haha, and if there is ever a meal that sounds good, let me know and I’ll post the recipe.

Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you!

$45 Meal Plan Update

I’m still in the copy and paste proccess of switching some of my blog posts over. Which explains why I’m giving the meal plan update a day later 🙂 I posted this April of last year but we still enjoy some of these meals….

This week has been going pretty good despite the fact that the kids are coming down with the flu.  The meals have been going over well and most of the kids have liked most of the meals. That’s pretty good around here!

Here are the meals we have enjoyed. Lentil & Vegetable Soup with Dumplings, Hoe Cakes, Creamed Tuna &Peas over Rice and Garlic Toast, Hot Rice in Milk. The kids thought the Savory Mixed Greens were ok, Dean and I like them and will make them again.

I didn’t follow the bread recipe she gives because I have my own recipe that we really enjoy, so I just stuck with that.  I also haven’t followed the breakfast and snacks much because we have stuff in the house that we need to get eaten. Like the massive amount of hard-boiled eggs from Easter and boxed cereal. I do plan to only get boxed cereal from WIC from now own and work on making more hot breakfasts. So much cheaper that way!